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Pretty much a copy-paste, but hey!

[Trigger warning for my girl under the cut...]

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So, in addition to the 6+ feet of snow dumped on us up here in New Hampshire and my ice dam woes (once on the front, second needing the whole roof shoveled and ice broken off) and the subsequent small leak in the ceiling and my car battery dying at a very inconvenient time and my beloved grandmother dying...

What? That's not enough? Apparently not.

I have also been having furnace issues. But hey, it's not like it wasn't the coldest February on record or anything with overnight temperatures generally below zero - oh wait. I thought it was fixed the first week in February with a replaced air filter, but I woke up very early last Saturday - first week of my school vacation - with no heat. I can generally get it restarted, though it often takes one to eight hours to get it running correctly again, and it generally works all day and just ('just', oh, it is to laugh!) goes out in the wee hours of the morning (every single night it goes off). Which means that I have not gotten more than an hour or two of broken sleep in over a week. My days have been spent texting with or waiting for the furnace guy - and two 'fixes' which weren't and absolutely no vacation activity or relaxation. I've been too obsessed with listening for the furnace/stressed over what's going on to do much of anything and tomorrow I am back to work with the knowledge that it is still not fixed and the expectation that I will again be up all night running space heaters and making sure water is running in multiple faucets so my pipes don't freeze.

I apologize for being non-existent and/or sketchy and hope it will clear up soon. Theoretically my guy will be here tomorrow to replace the exhaust and pressure switch which the manufacturer assures us will fix the problem. Whether he makes it here (his week was pretty jinxed last week as well, I think I'm contagious) and whether this works - well, I desperately hope so and please, if you've got a good thought, prayer, positive energy to spare and throw my way, I'd appreciate it.


Jan. 30th, 2015 11:29 pm
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"What the...??" lots of growly Leontine swearing

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I greatly apologize for the threads I left hanging from the Welcome picnic from Sunday night. Life became unexpectedly extremely crazy Monday morning. Not in a bad way, necessarily, but just crazy.

Tonight is the first night I've gotten home before 10:30 at night and my schedule during the day has left me with no time for anything. It should settle down some starting tomorrow, but I'll still be rehearsing 3-5 days a week, picking up some of the theatre guild responsibilities for my dear friend who died completely unexpectedly just before Christmas, and dealing with three new students, upcoming report cards, and now, YAY - except not - what seems to be a flare up of my rheumatoid arthritis.

I will respond to the last of the tags tonight, but I know a great deal of time has gone by, so feel free to not reply if you wish. I will completely understand.
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"What? No!" Kaylin was horrified. "I swear I'll study more. I'll stop betting, I'll, I'll stop working for the midwives, anything!"

Okay, that last was a lie, even if she did mean it right at the moment, but still, sending her away?

Marcus growled, his eyes shading to a very dangerous shade of orange, and Kaylin tilted her head, showing him her neck.

"It's been decided. The Hawklord agrees. You will go to this school and you will learn. You will do what the teachers tell you and you will stay out of trouble." He paused and clarified that last. "As much as you can stay out of trouble."

"Which we all have our doubts about," Teela drawled from where she was leaning casually against the wall, for a definition of casual that only a Barrani could manage.

Kaylin opened her mouth to protest again, but managed to shut it quickly as Marcus rose as if to come straight over the desk at her.

"If you do as you are told there will be no objection to your continuing your work with the midwives' guild. You will have a mirror with you so they can reach you in case of emergency and you will have free access to a portal to bring you here and back as needed."

"A portal?" They might as well have told her she'd have to cut off an arm to get back and forth!

"Kitling..." Marcus' tone said there would be no more arguing. "If you wish to be a Hawk you will do this. Otherwise, you may as well turn in your tabard and return to the fiefs."

Her eyes went wide, scared for the first time, and she swallowed hard. "Yes, Sir." Not much was able to subdue her, but the threat of never becoming a Hawk would always work.

"Don't fret, Kitling," Teela said. "Work hard and you can come back on vacations and some weekends. Maybe Tain and I will even visit and see what your local bars are like. Think of it as an adventure."

"Adventures are overrated," Kaylin muttered under her breath, but she nodded her agreement and went to pack up the very few things that she owned.
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Late, but oh well...

[mild trigger warning for my girl...]

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