Pick Your Poison, Wednesday

Sep. 20th, 2017 06:54 am
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Ino had given serious consideration to not coming into work at all today. But Zack's mood had driven her out of their apartment before dawn and after wandering down to the beach and kicking stones aimlessly for a while, failing to be comforted by either the rush of waves, the emptiness of the area, or even the rising sun, she'd come into work.

If she were a different person, she'd be spending the day drunk off her ass.

Rosa's text to her was short, and simple: Remember your promise.

Ugh. Like she'd forget.

Tseng, wise man, hadn't sent her a text at all. Though she'd found an email advising her that her application for leave had been approved for the next few days. She knew that was his doing since Ino hadn't put in any application at all.

Ino wasn't mixing anything today. Nor was she playing with samples or trying to decide what to stock up on. Doing that today, with her mood as it was, was just asking for trouble. It'd be too easy to mix something… wrong.

She just put her head down on the counter and decided sure, that was good enough.

Zack had to have it harder today, the day he'd been in Nibelheim and his world had gone to nothing but torture and pain, but all Ino could remember was the way her life had shattered like broken glass when the Turks had lied to her and told her he was dead.

Pick Your Poison is… open.

The Preserve, Wednesday Afternoon

Sep. 20th, 2017 08:42 am
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Zack had been holding it together admirably well today.

Sort of. He tried not to be that person who observed the bad anniversaries. He really did. If he started doing that after the career he'd had in SOLDIER, he wouldn't have a happy day left to his name. But here he was, on the anniversary of what had happened in Nibelheim, and it felt like he wanted to crawl out of his skin. He'd spent a good portion of the morning just stalking around the apartment like a caged animal (which was apt, he supposed, considering the day) until finally he gave in, pulled on his SOLDIER uniform, picked up his (Angeal's) sword, and made his way into the preserve.

It was quiet there. Not quite the forests of his home in Gongaga, not nearly tropical enough for that, but soothing in a way that he'd forgotten about since his run from ShinRa, when he'd tried to return home to check on his parents.

So here was where he was going to stay, alternating between pacing, doing squats, yelling, punching trees until the trunks splintered, and - though he wouldn't admit it even to himself - just... breaking down and crying. Maybe he'd spend the night out here. He wasn't sure he had it in him to go home right now. He wasn't anybody anyone should have to put up with right then, and home wasn't terribly homey anyway.

[OOC: Open preserve is open! Zack will be... in a mood today. He needs to get it out of his system.]

Fandom Radio, September 20th

Sep. 20th, 2017 09:37 pm
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...that's not how I remember that happening.


Well, if it's in your notes, then it must be right. Oh, we're on.

Up at the School, Cyrptids and You coloured in, because of course Deadpool thought that was a good idea, while Artifact Restoration learnt a valuable lesson about sharing, except for Mara, and Computer Science watched a movie, by this point Paris started to realise what kind of school she's at. In the Library, Khadgar decided to ignore the imminent rat uprising.

Somebody should really check if the Dorms are still there, and over in Town, Nathan gave away apples at Covent Gardens, at Furnado, Zack brooded until he was attacked by small birds, Summer decided to re-purpose Needful Thing's antiques weapons, making them far more useful, and confusing Paris in the process. Apu was fighting with creepy 'unicorn' guy at Turtle and Canary, Raven was a fashion critic at Groovy Tunes, at Fantasy CostCo, Taako had found out about the spicy coffee, and Magnus got an X-Ray ring by promising to be boring with it. Kitty planned Caritas's grand reopening, Tonywas sad that he couldn't see the bar, and Liam was angling to join the band by claiming to be legally dead.

Library, Wednesday

Sep. 20th, 2017 07:49 am
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Peridot had been planning on bringing her notes in from Jenkins' class today in order to go through the library to research some of the terminology he'd used during whatever spare time she had.

As the day progressed, it became fairly clear that Peridot wasn't going to have spare time. A few of the books had taken to running down the aisles, and then a few more, and before Peridot could rein in the first few runners it had spiralled out of control into a whole book stampede.

She might have gotten trampled.

It wasn't pretty.

[OOC: Open! Mind the books!]

Groovy Tunes, Wednesday

Sep. 20th, 2017 10:27 am
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Breq had found a karaoke machine. Tip had told her about karaoke, and introduced her to it at Caritas, but here was a machine rather than a zombie band. She didn't know any of the songs, so she had to play them a few times before she got them right, but that didn't bother her.

Considering Breq's voice, her singing karaoke might not be the best way to attract customers, but she was finding her job quite enjoyable.


OOC: Belated availability notice!

Sep. 20th, 2017 09:42 am
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I haven't fallen off the edge of the world! My life's just been consumed by a movie shoot, and I lack the brain for anything else. We wrap on Friday, so I should be back to my normal levels of availability next week.

In the meantime, Karolina is a Rainbow Brite doll, Jughead is an actual jug, and the rest of my on-island kids are just quietly wrapped up in other business.
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Jenkins had sent notification this week for the class to meet at the Portalocity office in town, and to bring jackets. After a quick headcount and some quiet negotiations with the attendant, a portal opened, and Jenkins ushered the students through, straightening his jacket and adjusting his bow tie as he cleared the portal edge and it closed behind them. He gave the scenery around them a thoughtful look.

"Mountains in the distance, sparse and grassy vegetation, high altitude, lovely chill in the air. . . . I tell you, I did not think that would work." He set his hands on his hips and nodded. "Welcome, students, to the Tibetan Plateau."

Meet three not-unicorns? )

[tl;dr: chiru, kiang, and yak]

Caritas- Tuesday

Sep. 19th, 2017 02:46 pm
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This morning one job had made Kitty late for her second job, and now she was at her first job planning for the grand reopening along with lesson plans for her third job.

She was gonna be fine, guys, really.

Anyway, parts of the bar were still covered in cloths just so it looked new for the party this weekend, and if you wandered in you'd likely get asked for suggestions.

[Open, no OCD!]

Fantasy Costco | Tuesday

Sep. 19th, 2017 12:55 pm
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Taako had discovered pumpkin spice lattes. To him, of course, it tasted like key lime but he found all the hype about it so charming! He'd forever be a basic bitch.

Welcome to Fantasy Costco
Item of the Day
Ring of X-Ray Vision
Don't be a pervert with it. Ring has 5 uses before it breaks


Groovy Tunes, Tuesday

Sep. 19th, 2017 12:13 pm
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So there'd been some kind of awards show on Sunday night, and Raven found herself bored enough at work today to start flipping through the coverage. She went from the political outrage stories (there were always political outrage stories, and Raven felt appropriately outraged by them, but after awhile they really just blurred together) to the "who wore it best" red carpet coverage, and after scrolling through a page providingc commentary on everyone's outfits, she found herself getting really into it.

"Those two are adorable! . . . Wow, okay. How does a non-shapeshifter even walk in that? . . . Ooo. Right, apparently I definitely have a thing for girls in suits."

Oh yeah. She'd been really into fashion before she went to Kathy's world, hadn't she.


Library, Tuesday

Sep. 19th, 2017 11:37 am
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When Khadgar first arrived at the library, he thought things were quiet. But, before too long, he realized there was a squeaking noise in the back by one of the shelves. He quietly sneaked over to investigate, and discovered the squeaking noise was two squeaking noises, of a pair of rats looking over some weetiny blueprints.

"3.14 will be sufficient for our measurements!"

"If we want this to come out right, 22/7 will provide more accurate dimensions."

"I assure you, it will end up too large! Also, you know I hate multiplying by fractions."

"Well, then you should have studied harder in math class!"

Khadgar stepped back as quietly as he'd approached, to leave them to their work. That didn't sound like a fight to get in the middle of.

[I am not remotely sorry. :D Open and OCD-free!]

Cryptids and You! - Tuesday

Sep. 19th, 2017 09:43 am
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There was a big ol' picture of the Jersey Devil up on the board in case people were worried they wouldn't get to learn about that beloved monster.

"I hope you all learned an important lesson from last week's movie." He hadn't, but still. Hope springing eternal and all that. "Today is all about that lil' demonic maybe rapscallion from New Jersey. The Jersey Devil is supposed to be a goat headed maybe dog headed, something headed at least thing with big fucking bat wings, claws, and cloven hooved feet. Maybe a lizard tail in there too. Either way, a regular Island of Doctor Moreau looking little fucker. And I say this with only the love a mother can give."

That made literally no sense.

"Anyway, this guy has been around since the American Revolution. Probably because people in New Jersey have always been drunk and crazy."

He started flipping through a book on the matter, possibly making a face, but it was hard to tell with the whole mask thing.

"Wow, there's a lot of super boring history on it if you want to fall asleep without taking that sweet, sweet Ambien and pinot grigio cocktail that gets you through the day." Or was he thinking of people from those housewives shows? "Either way."

Deadpool clapped his hands together before passing out some blank pieces of paper. "You're all gonna design your own fucked up chimera from some location. I don't care where. Make up a devil. It'll be fun and not at all become a Slender Man situation where someone gets murdered by idiots over it."

Turtle & Canary; Tuesday [09/19].

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:48 am
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"What? Huh? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

The Merchant of Miracles was shouting at Apu, who was shouting back, but since both of them had pulled out some noise-cancelling headphones, the shouting was mostly in vain and communication was trying to be done with gestures and the occasional scribbled sign. Because the unicorns decided that today was a good day for just bleating almost non-stop, long steady cried that would go on and on and on.

Occasionally, they stopped. A moment of silence fell over the store and Apu and the Merchant could breathe again, hoping against hope that it was over, that they were done, that they'd bleated themselves out, only to then have one of them open their mouth and start all over again.

Neither of them could figure out what it was, either. They tried food, they tried pillows, they tried toes, they tried grooming, but nothing seemed to make the restless creatures calm down. Eventually, they just gave up, grabbed some headphones from the shelves, and tried to go about business as usual.

Today's Squishy Flavors
Loud Lemon
Eardrum-Blasting Eggplant

Help Wanted!
inquire within

Turtle & Canary is open (and loud!)

Needful Things; Tuesday [09/19].

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:40 am
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It seemed that Summer still had a job, so that was cool. If her robot self had ruined that, no one seemed inclined to tell her, anyway, and she just went back to like she'd never even left, though the dusting and the sweeping that she usually did felt a little pointless. This was place was already clean as hell, what was there to dust and sweep? But she remembered that it just seemed that way because it wasn't the filthy cesspool she'd gotten used to.

And so many of these things could be totally repurposed in a wasteland society. Most of her day seemed to be going through the shelves and figuring out which antiques she'd want to keep close at hand in case Fandom had ever been plunged into its own apocalypse and she had to hammer out some sweet armor out of gramophone horns or turn all those old armoires into siege weapons and barricades.

Needful Things is open!
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The Danger Shop was back to looking like a workshop this week, where everyone had a partially disassembled gadget and a box of random scrap in front of them.

"Welcome back, kids! So now that you mastered the skills of figuring out what something is and recognising situations that'll get yourself killed, we're moving on to some more valuable skills, figuring out which parts you need, and how to get them, which in this case involves cooperation!" Which Aphra thought was highly overrated, but sometimes necessary.

"All your broken gizmos are missing parts you need to fix them, some of them are in your scrap box, the rest are in other people's scrap boxes, you're all bright enough to figure out the rest. Once you get your gizmo fixed you can work on your project some."

Furnado Animal Shelter, Tuesday

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:33 am
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Zack had been prepared for a bad day. Not because of anything going on today, really. Sort of. Kind of.

... Tomorrow was a week after his birthday, that was all. And it marked... It marked a really ugly anniversary. The kind of thing that never would have occurred to him to even observe as an anniversary, except that he still sometimes hurt when he moved, he still didn't know if Cloud had recovered from it all, he still, he still, he still...

His Usual Puppy had actually found her way out of her kennel on her own by the time he'd come in, and she was bumping up against his legs in a pretty constant reminder that she was right there as he went around the shop kind of mechanically going over his daily chores. And then someone had brought in what he could only describe as a ridiculous number of finches, who had that many finches?? and the rest of the day was spent trying to make enough room for them, and by that point there wasn't much time left to obsess over what tomorrow was or wasn't.

Which, again, was probably why Tseng had hooked him up with this particular business.

... And there he went again, right back into thinking about it.

[OOC: Open!]

Covent Garden Flowers, Tuesday

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:21 am
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Nathan was making some interesting faces when he came in for his shift today. Over there, there were... apples. A lot of apples. A confusing amount of apples, really, considering this was a flower shop, not a supermarket. And over there, somebody had... carved the decorative gourds into flower pots?

Nathan was pretty certain that's what had gone on.

He briefly contemplated leaving a note for whoever did it that this was coming on into the season where people tended to buy decorative gourds just to increase the autumn ambiance around their homes, but decided to just leave it be. There was no accounting for the logic of Fandomites, after all.

What he did do was haul out an unused planter that looked a little bit like half an old wooden basket, dump the apples into that, and then set them out in the open doorway with a 'please, help yourself' sign. Maybe it would entice customers to stop by long enough to come in and look around, but he was pretty certain they weren't going to sell otherwise.

[OOC: Open!]


Sep. 18th, 2017 10:23 pm
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Hi, everybody! Meet Miguel )

Questions? Comments? Things I've missed because it's late?

Computer Science- Tuesday- 3rd period

Sep. 18th, 2017 07:48 pm
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So already Kitty was starting to wonder if another semester of all the jobs was going to be a bad idea, because being there for final inspection stuff at Caritas this morning meant that she was running late for class, and thus, there was an email sent out last minute telling the students to come to the classroom.

"Sorry for the change in plans," Kitty said. "Long story, boring adult stuff. But on the bright side, you get a movie day. It's from 1995, is horrifyingly out of date, and I don't really know if people back then knew what computers actually did. Enjoy!"

Fandom Radio- Tuesday, September 19

Sep. 18th, 2017 07:45 pm
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Oh, look. It's Tuesday again.

At school, The Art of War talked about how to avoid a fight. I find just not going out helps. Ethics talked about considering your information sources and not believing everything someone tells you, which actually makes it a pretty good Ethics class, and Creative Writing got photo prompts, and Gratuity was surfing WebMd in the library.


Annnd the squirrels are writing on the notes that it's probably not cancer. So that's how you hold a pen.

In the dorms, Summer engaged in the time honored teenage tradition of bed-flopping, and asking Ringo if she'd done anything weird or embarrassing for the last month, and at least at press time had just confused Shiemi.

And finally in town, Hannibal crtitiqued Sievarden's clothes, and Shiemi found Covent Garden in an autumn spirit and told Ringo about possible allergies. Alluka was back at work at Demon Marcus, with visits from Hannibal to check up, Sparkle to return her fish and let her know that the back room is now upstairs, and Ringo to talk about sleeves and classes. Yes, sleeves. Eliot had an argument about hummus at Luke's, which may make this the most normal thing I've reported happening at that place since I've been here, and Dani had her coffee stolen by a horse.

And that's all the news for like six people on the island. See you next week.

Covent Garden Flowers, Monday

Sep. 18th, 2017 08:39 pm
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Sure it was almost autumn, but gourds as pots? Shiemi wasn't sure what that was all about, but they were kind of cute. And they would look nice with some of the fall flowers that were in the shop. She started to gather flowers to make arrangements for the last of the gourds but was interrupted... the delivery man had arrived with a large packing crate.

"Why does a flower shop need apples?"

"Ma'am? I don't question any deliveries I make to this place anymore." The deliveryman was skittish and kept looking over his shoulder. "Please? Just sign and I'll go."

Shiemi signed and the deliveryman ran out the door, not even offering to help move the crate from the center of the room. She kicked at it a moment, but since it didn't make a sound she figured the chances were good that it really was 'apples' and not some weird 'apple' monster. She looked for a note regarding a delivery of apples, but didn't find one so with a shrug, she opened the crate and began sorting them to be priced.

A sign soon went up:

Seasonal Apples for Sale
Or ask about our saplings and grow your own!


Parents Weekend Classifieds

Sep. 18th, 2017 09:17 pm
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Rather than posting in your own journal and cluttering up the flist, this post is the place to ping in and search out someone to play a PW character for you or where you can advertise yourself as available and willing to play for other people!

Parents' Weekend 2017!

Sep. 18th, 2017 09:14 pm
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It's that time of the year! Parents' Weekend is approaching: the one weekend every year where parents, guardians, siblings, friends, and other guest stars from the lives of Fandom's students, teachers and townies can come to the island to frolic around with their nearest and dearest's nearest and dearest! This year, we'll be running September 29th through October 1st.

How It Works:
On Friday September 29th, we'll put up an OOC post announcing that all guest stars are cleared for entry - barring those we've contacted up front about any issues. Starting then, guests can start arriving in town, checking in at the hotel, and mingling. The school will be open all weekend, allowing teachers to be around for parent-teacher conferences, and events will be held to get everyone socialized. Come Sunday, guests can once again flee the island, leaving Fandomites everywhere to sigh in relief.

Who Can Show Up:
Parents, guardians, siblings, friends, enemies, evil twins, etc. If your character has someone to come and visit them, they may very well be eligible! The way this works is that you decide which character(s) you want to come (keep it to a maximum of 3, but if you have a pressing need for more for some reason, please contact us), find someone to play them and then submit the character and player details below. This is the only time we allow non-players to participate in a game event. It's the perfect opportunity to get your non-FH friends sucked in by getting them to participate in a one weekend event with no on-going commitment. You're also welcome to get fellow players to play guest stars for you if they have the time. If you can't find someone, there will shortly be a post going up where you can request a volunteer to help you out. Please use the upcoming post for your recruiting instead of doing it in your own journal to save your friends list from being spammed.

Signing Up:
Pick your guest star character(s), find a player for them, create a journal, and fill out the form below with the handy coding already done for you! We do ask that when you're creating your PW guest star's DW that you be sure to list the character's name when Dreamwidth asks you for a name. This tiny step is endlessly helpful to other players reading through PW posts, especially if they don't know your canon. Additionally, we recommend you put contact information such as an AIM screen name or email address of the player in your PW guest star's profile.

Parents' Weekend apps are due Wednesday, September 27th.

Questions, comments, key lime pie? Comments will be screened to keep guest stars secret if you want (and will be unscreened for questions and such). Classifieds are here!

Room 204; Monday Afternoon [09/18].

Sep. 18th, 2017 01:19 pm
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[personal profile] somethingwithturquoise

It wasn't as if she'd had a really taxing day or anything, just Creative Writing class, but Summer felt exhausted. It took a lot out of a person to realize that someone had been here, acting like her, pretending to be her, who wasn't her, and she had no idea what she'd gotten into, what she had said or done or anything. And she should probably take are of figuring it out. When she'd dug up her class schedule (what had even happened in those past classes? At least the classes weren't as stupid as the summer ones, though), she found out she even had a Little Sibling, what the fuck? So this Paris Geller person was being introduced to Fandom by a robot. Sure, it seemed fitting, but that robot was supposed to be her! She didn't have the energy to go hunt her down now, though. Tomorrow. Tomorrow she'll do it, tomorrow she'll have recovered a little.

Right now, all she seemed to have the energy for is flopping onto her bed, rolling onto her back, and staring at the ceiling. Feeling impossibly clean and peaceful and safe, and missing the weight of another body in the bed beside her.

Summer sighed.

Why did this all suddenly feel so weird?

[[ door and post are open! ]]

The Gig, Monday

Sep. 18th, 2017 12:16 pm
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Dani was not ready for fall. If you wanted to be technical about it, she still had a few days of summer left before the official start of autumn. She was determined to enjoy it as much as possible by lounging beside the swimming pool and working on her tan when she wasn't working at the barn.

But the sharkicane had dampened her enthusiasm for water-based activities, so she had the pool drained and covered for the season. And then she spotted the cutest blanket scarf, which she had to buy even if she had a ton of them left over from last fall. Dani drew the line at the pumpkin spice maddess -- until she stepped into The Perk for her morning macchiato and got a whiff of cinnamon and cloves.

By the time Dani got to work, wearing her blanket scarf and tall boots while sipping her pumpkin spice latte, Dani wanted to kick herself. Stepping into the barn, she took off the scarf and left it in the office. It would be too warm to wear while doing chores. She went to let the horses out of their stalls so they could move into the pasture, and that's when Kally struck. The mare somehow ripped the lid off the coffee cup in Dani's hand, then plunged her snout into the coffee. "Okay, then. I guess the pumpkin spice latte is yours now," Dani said with a sigh. She was keeping her boots, though. Working with horses meant that tall boots were always in style.

The Gig was open!

Luke's, Monday

Sep. 18th, 2017 12:13 pm
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"If it doesn't use chickpeas, it's not hummus!"

For once, Eliot wasn't the one yelling about food in the Luke's kitchen.

"What about this one, then?" the busboy asked. "It uses peas."

"Chickpeas!" the dishwasher said again. "You know, like garbanzo beans?! That's just mushy peas!"

"This one uses beans."

"Those are black beans!"

The dishwasher looked despairingly towards Eliot for help. Eliot smirked and shrugged. "You gotta pick your battles, man," he told him. "This could definitely be worse."

"Ooo, we should make this one! Pumpkin hummus!"

"That's a jam!!!"

Today's specials
English pea hummus
Black bean hummus
Pumpkin hummus
Hummus veggie wraps made with actual hummus OH MY GOD

Luke's was open.
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Ghanima was sitting on her desk as the students arrived, her text placed neatly in her lap. Exactly like any other day of class.

The moment the last student was seated, she flipped her book open. "Good morning, class, and welcome. Today with the Third P'ien," she said, holding up the book. "'Attack by Stratagem.' Or as one of my former co-teachers once called it, 'Avoiding Attack by Stratagem from my side of the fence: Make Love, Not War and Drink Sake and Keep Calm ♥.'" Some days Ghanima missed Shunsui very, very much. "Or, in the words of Tzu, 'Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.'"

"Sun Tzu also said that 'He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.' And, of course, there's the phrase everyone knows, but rarely do they know the source. 'If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.' Know thy enemy and know thyself."

"So, how do you formulate a plan of attack, if are forced to fight? Resorting immediately to violent means is not always the best option. 'Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy's plans;'" Ghanima recited, watching all of them carefully. "'The next best is to prevent the junction of the enemy's forces; the next in order is to attack the enemy's army in the field; and the worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities.' So speaks Tzu. I'm curious as to how you feel this reflects the every day world, and if you have seen this applied at all in Fandom."

Library, Monday

Sep. 18th, 2017 11:04 am
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Tip wasn't sure how it was possible, but she was still sore from learning sword basics from Kanan on Friday. They hadn't even been working on it for that long! Clearly something was wrong. She was on WebMD today, trying to figure out what it meant to still be so sore after 3 days.

Sure, okay, it could be that she was actually just really out of shape, but wasn't bone cancer or something way more likely?

. . . Okay, fine, maybe not. But it was more interesting to read about that and freak herself out than to just drink more water and do some stretches.


New Townie!

Sep. 18th, 2017 09:46 am
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Please to be breaking out the glitter cannons and textile-unencumbered abs for your newest townie, Miguel O'Hara ([personal profile] what_the_shock), originally of Spider-Man 2099, late of the Marvel-multiverse-hopping Exiles, and because it's one of the best lines I've read in recent memory, straight outta App-town, "Hey, it's a Spider not played by Tnick!"

Ethics, Monday, September 18, 2017

Sep. 18th, 2017 12:59 pm
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"Today we're going to talk about something that's a current moral dilemma," Anakin began. And one he heard Rory ranting about almost daily. "It's also an extremely valuable life skill: learning how to read information with a critical eye to discover the motivations of the people releasing it. Their morals might not be your morals."

"Regardless of what kind of society you grow up in, it is likely you'll believe certain sources of information better than others," Obi-Wan said. "What those sources would be, varies. Sentients do, however, feel inclined to believe something that parrots their own beliefs more readily than what does not."

Anakin nodded. "Do you believe what your friend tells you? Does her opinion weigh more heavily than, say, a news article you read, even if hers is only a single perspective? In journalism--" he smiled at Obi-Wan, "--as my wife has lectured me more than once, there are primary and secondary sources of information. How do you know a secondary source is credible, or that a primary doesn't have an axe to grind?"

"And what does credibility mean to you?' Obi-Wan asked. "Most have an agenda, but some might be more benevolent than others. How do you judge such a thing? What do you pay attention to?"

"And does the credibility matter very much if it's about something that doesn't really affect your life? Celebrity marriages, wars on planets you'll never visit?" Anakin added. "Are you more interested in a good story or the bald facts?"

"Please share a story where you were entirely convinced one set of events was true, but the reality turned out to be rather different or more complicated," Obi-wan said, "If you have any. If you don't... why don't you?"

Fandom Radio, Monday, September 18th

Sep. 18th, 2017 07:44 am
uncertain_dume: (Smirky)
[personal profile] uncertain_dume posting in [community profile] fandom_radio
Hey, Fandom! It's Kanan Jarrus once again, here with everything the squirrels saw fit to tattle on in town!

I'm beginning to suspect that they're as weirded out by what goes on in the dorms as I am.

So, let's take it from the Groovy Tunes, where Jono was hard at work playing with his kitten when Dante came in looking for a beer. Apparently he didn't end up empty-handed, either. So, if you ever need a free beer and an opportunity to talk to somebody about cats, go to the music store of all places, I guess. At Luke's I was trying to convince the kitchen staff of the importance of making something besides pumpkin spice pancakes, and Summer went right ahead and proved me right by showing up for blueberry. See, guys? I know these things. Sparkle was looking up classes on the mainland during his Demon Marcus shift, but had to stop doing that for a while in order to get into it a bit with Seivarden over the holier-than-thou attitude she pulled when she walked into the place. Yeah, that doesn't tend to fly around here. Dr. Lecter stopped by with food for Sparkle, who got a bit of ranting in about the customer and then asked the Doctor to keep an eye on Alluka, just in case, and Iris who the squirrels keep trying to call Ino stopped in, also with food, to chat Sparkle up about her upcoming birthday and his duties as a minion.

And, last but definitely not least, Atton was a bit on the soggy side at Caritas as he yelled at some dancing bunnies? Nothing about that note makes sense, guys.


... Okay, yes, I do know where we are, but I'm still calling shenanigans on account of this note being written down while one of you was located where the rum lives. At least the next note, 'Gratuity and Breq stopped by for sodas and karaoke,' makes some sort of sense. Or will, once I figure out what a karaoke is and if I even pronounced that right. I guess I might never know.

And that's all the notes, so I'm going to call it a day, now. Phew, Mondays are such hard work, with the getting up, reading some things, and then going back home to watch holos, let me tell you.

Demon Marcus, Monday

Sep. 18th, 2017 05:03 am
that_oldsaying: (Yay! (w/jacket and hair up))
[personal profile] that_oldsaying posting in [community profile] fandomtownies
She'd gotten a message saying her holidays were over! She could go back to work! Alluka had been so excited by this news that she'd been up since three, surrounded by her toys as they all tried to decide on the best outfit for her first day back to work. And after the outfit, they'd had to decide on her hair.

It had all turned out very nicely, in her opinion. Even better, all her toys had agreed.

So Alluka showed up, her hair bells jingling with every step she took, her bunny in her arms, to check out the shop.

"Everything's so new!" she said happily, examining some of the stock that she'd never seen before.

Demon Marcus is Open!

Creative Writing- Monday- 3rd period

Sep. 17th, 2017 07:25 pm
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Hello was for other people.

"Last week you got a prompt of 'traffic light.' Today you're going to turn those in," said Daria. "Or again, you can read it to the class if you want. I mean, we have time."
She did basically just give them prompts and let them write.

"For this week's prompt, you're going to choose one of four pictures, and write something based on it. It can be a poem, it can be a short story, whatever gets the brain juices flowing. If you really need a goal-" Paris. "-you can make it ten pages, no more, no less. But first, does anyone want to read?"

MCA Voicemail

Sep. 17th, 2017 03:06 pm
captainskullpoopl: (you make a good point)
[personal profile] captainskullpoopl
You've called the MCA hotline, for a place to stay... press one. For someone killed... press two. For that hotline bling... you've got the wrong fucking Canadian.

Fandom Radio, Sunday, September 17th

Sep. 17th, 2017 01:56 pm
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Good morning folks, this is Clint Barton with your Sunday squirrel gossip.

We'll start with the dorms, where poor Sidon discovered the pool isn't freshwater. Someone get him to the lake, it's a lot nicer. Over in town, Jono was playing with his cat when Seivarden came downstairs, and she and Jono got to know each other, and the cats, since she hasn't been here that long. Hannibal also came down, and he and Jono planned a trip to get away from Fandom for a while. That's totally understandable at any time of the year. Alluka also came by, and when she knocked instead of just coming in, Jono offered her a key to the house.

Seivarden also went to work at Covent Garden Flowers, and Peter helped her understand the finer art of arranging flowers while Seivarden learned more about how Peter ended up in Fandom. Finally, Dante was on his way through town when he got a call about a job.

And that's all I've got for you for today, so I'll give this place back to the squirrels. Have a good week, everyone!

Caritas, Sunday

Sep. 17th, 2017 06:31 pm
suitably_heroic: (dsp: whaddayawant?)
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It was a perfectly ordinary Sunday night at Caritas.

In this case, that meant a decidedly wet Atton was behind the bar, yelling at a group of roving bunnies currently hitting the dance floor.

That kind of ordinary.

[[ open! ]]

Groovy Tunes, Sunday

Sep. 17th, 2017 12:03 pm
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Jono was in a pretty decent mood today. He had his wrappings off (having Seivarden staying at the house for the past few weeks had kind of meant that he'd been wrapped up far more than usual), and he'd worn one of his long coats with the deep pockets, entirely so that Joni could tag along by riding in one of them, peering out at the world the way she used to when he was... bigger. And more blue.

She couldn't wait to get out and explore, given that she had always been familiar with the space and now it was different. So at the first opportunity, she wriggled her way out of that pocket and was plodding around the space, sniffing here and there, clearly wondering what the hecky was up with all the other place stuff being in the this place place.

At least until Jono started distracting her with the laser pointer dot.

Groovy Tunes was open, and it had a kitten.

[OOC: Open with kitten, like it says on the tin!]

Demon Marcus, Sunday

Sep. 17th, 2017 11:57 am
myownface: (Hrmmm)
[personal profile] myownface posting in [community profile] fandomtownies
Life was more or less back to normal at the Demon Marcus, now. The stock had all been put out, things were priced and Sparkle was getting used to the idea of using the upstairs apartment as the storage room, having sacrificed the back room on the main floor in order to make more floorspace.

So he was passing the time by looking at schools and courses on the mainland. Not because he was planning on actually taking any, really. Honest. Sort of.

There was a costume design course that was kind of making him keep clicking back and make little whiny 'I want that' sounds from time to time, though...

Demon Marcus was open, and Sparkle was only slightly distracted with, you know, possibilities.

[OOC: Open!]


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