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Late, but oh well...

[mild trigger warning for my girl...]

The Mascot...

Kaylin Neya... well, she's 15 and was raised in a pretty rough area outside the city of Elantra in the fief of Nightshade. She fled there when she was 13 because her best friend, Severn, killed the two little girls they had taken in to protect. He had a good reason, but she didn't - and still doesn't - know that. She ran to another fief where she was basically taught to be an assassin. Her first failed attempt led to her rape by the head of the fief. The sexual assaults continued for the next 4 or 5 months until he sent her to assassinate the Hawklord in Elantra - basically the head of the police force.

She failed, obviously, but the Hawklord saw something in her and decided not to kill her but have her raised to become one of the Hawks on the force. (Because she won't technically be old enough to join the force until she's at least 18, she's kind of their official mascot - which really annoys her at times.)

Kaylin's markings

This was not met with wide approval due to the strange runelike/writing like marks on her arms, back and inner thighs, which magically appeared there when she was ten. She's very self-conscious of them, so she keeps them covered- even in the summer, she'd rather sweat than explain about them. They make her capable of great magic which on at least one occasion let her flay a man alive when she lost control of it. It's now controlled by a golden jeweled bracer she wears (and which she illegally takes off to help people who need healing, especially when she works with the midwives back home - which she'll be sneaking off to do regularly while she's at Fandom).

By the by... when she takes it off in Elantra it always magically shows up back with the Hawklord who returns it to her. Later it shows up with her new partner. In Fandom she'll need someone who has it end up with them each time - if you're interested, please let me know!

Kaylin is nosy, tactless, and occasionally rude. She is enthralled by beings with wings - watch out Warren, if you ever run into her she'll be all grabby hands at the feathers. She tends to ask the questions others wouldn't, polite or not. She's pretty much always late for everything - sorry, teachers. She's very smart, but doesn't put in much effort unless it's something she thinks will help her be a better Hawk when she's older.

She has been highly trained in weapons - particularly daggers - and hand to hand combat, both armed and unarmed. She has all the training you might expect of a police or military officer, barring the use of guns, since they don’t exist - though she says she’s not so good with a sword.

I'm attaching a link to her application because really the world she's from and her history is fairly long and involved and there's no way I can explain it all here. Do check it out and read the books by Michelle Sagara (the first is Cast in Shadow), if you haven't already. They're a lot of fun!
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From: [personal profile] ldymacgyver
I think it would be awesome for Daphne to be able to do this. :D
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From: [personal profile] pulseof_life
Rosalind would be interested in this (she says, from the wrong journal), if you were fine with that!

(I'd say Yeul, but Yeul would be the WORST at keeping track of things.)
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From: [personal profile] pulseof_life
Yeul would be hilariously bad. The very idea is making me laugh.

I'm all for seeing how Rosa and Kaylin connect. :) (Though I do have to say that Rosa would be excellent at tracking Kaylin down... XD And the rest would be like having a little sister to nag about things again.)

Re: Please do/don't ask my character about...

Date: 2014-04-30 11:42 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pulseof_life
All my girls are good for asking anything about. I mostly just wanted to comment so I could shriek with glee about Kaylin! *happyflails*

Re: Please do/don't ask my character about...

Date: 2014-05-02 11:40 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pulseof_life
I do know her canon! I love it! I'm a few books behind because I don't like buying trade paperback and it takes foreveeeer for the series to come out in normal-sized paperback, but I love Kaylin and the series so, so much. \o/


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